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Omega Seals was founded by a professional Engineer in the year 1985. Omega Seals Designed and Manufactured Seals in Mumbai, India and also work in internationally like UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, etc. We have a knowledgeable team to design all types of Mechanical seal products.

Our product range includes Component Mechanical Seals, Single-Spring Mechanical Seals, Multi-Spring Mechanical Seals, Rubber Bellow Mechanical seals, Teflon Bellow Mechanical Seal, Metal Bellow Seals, Double Back To Back Mechanical Seals, Double Cartridge Mechanical Seals, Wave-Spring, Unbalanced Mechanical seals, High-Pressure Mechanical Seals, & Floating-Seat, Balanced Mechanical Seals.

Our products are Popular for being manufactured in observation with global quality standards. We conduct stringent quality checks at various stages of production, designing, assembling, and finishing. We also use the best materials to ensure that your product is the best in class.The company began operations with manufacture of Mechanical Seals, then considered, import- substitute in India, UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Brazil. Omega Seals soon became a reliable source for complete range of Mechanical Seals and Systems.


With over three decades of existence, Omega Seals offers among the widest range of mechanical seals and allied Engineered Solutions to diverse industries including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, Refineries & petrochemicals, oil & gas, minerals & ore- processing, steel & metals, automotive, general engineering, marine, nuclear research and others.


Well —equipped Design facility with latest Computer hard-wares and Design soft wares, handled by expert Design team. The well-equipped manufacturing facility is manned by skilled Engineers and Technicians, capable of producing the finest quality Mechanical Seals.


Mechanical Seal Industry is Service Oriented Industry. The mechanical seal itself is the interface between the static and rotary portions of the seal. Omega Seals has given special emphasis on this. A team of qualified Engineers and technicians are engaged in assisting customers right from the beginning by understanding their needs to supply, installation and commissioning of Mechanical seals for Pumps and Rotary Equipments, Carbon Seals, Pump Seals, Agitator Seals, Blower Seals, Compressor Seals. This is followed by prompt after sales assistance to the best satisfaction of the customers. We serve our services in India, UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, etc


Omega Seals Mumbai Possesses expertise in the field of Fluid- Sealing. Over the decades of existence, Omega Seals has designed and developed various types of specially Engineered Mechanical Seals and Sealing Solutions. Be it, small and miniature shafts in Lab equipments or Large Dia. Pumps & Reactors Shafts, Rotary Retort Furnaces in Nuclear Installations or Large Dia. marine propeller Shafts of Sea- going or Sub-Sea Vessels, Omega Seals has provided sealing solution to all.


Omega Seals, from the beginning, focused on providing the finest quality Mechanical Seals and systems. To achieve and maintain this, Omepa Seals has established a well- documented Ouality System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9000 Quality Standards. The Quality System is continuously reviewed and modified to incorporate the latest trends in the Industry and achieve highest level of Customer- satisfaction. By following the above policy, Omega Seals is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Wide Product Range

Omega Seals Manufactures a wide range of mechanical Seals suitable for diverse range of duties.

The product-range includes simple rubber bellow type and Pusher type Seals for General duty Pumps as well as Metal bellow type, Single and double cartridge type, Pressure balanced Seals, Carbon Seals, Pump Seals, Agitator Seals, Blower Seals, Compressor Seals for heavy duty Boiler-feed pumps as well as Top-entry, Bottom-entry, Side-entry, and Inclined-entry agitator shafts of rotary equipments including Chemical Reactors, Glass Lined Reactors, Pharma and food processing machines like RCVD, RVPD, DCVD, ANFD and others.

Special seals require special materials for specific Seal components – Seal Faces, Secondary Seals and Metal parts. Omega Seals has kept pace with the latest developments in the Materials technology and utilizes the right variety of Carbons, Ceramics, Carbides, Polymers, Metals and Alloys in its products.

Materials of Construction

Omega Seals utilizes a wide range of materials in its Mechanical seals so that they withstand the severest of operating conditions, while maintaining cost effectiveness of its products. Simple seals utilize simple and cheaper materials, compatible with the operating parameters. For severe operating parameters involving organic solvents, Corrosive chemicals, crystallizing, polymerizing and slurry-laden media use of appropriate Carbide Faces, FKM / FFKM Elastomers, and Exotic Metal and alloy Components is recommended.

The Materials used include:
Seal Faces Secondary Seals Metal Parts
Carbon - Resin impregnated Viton ® CrNi Steel – SS 304
Carbon - Antimony impregnated Nitrile rubber CrNiMo Steel – SS 316
High Alumina Ceramic EPDM CrNi Cast Steel
Tungsten Carbide Co-bonded Kalrez ® CrNiMo Cast Steel
Tungsten arbide NI-bonded Silicone rubber Hastelloy C
SiC - Reaction Bonded PTFE Hastelloy B
SiC - Sintered Glass Filled PTFE Alloy - 20
Stellited Stain-less Steel Viton ® – Double PTFE Wrapped AM 350
Glass-filled PTFE EPDM – Double PTFE Wrapped Titanium
Spl. Cr Cast Steel Foil-Graphite Phospher Bronze

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