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Pharma Machine Seal

Pharma machine seals are specialized mechanical seals used in pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment and machinery. These seals play a critical role in preventing fluid leakage, contamination, and cross-contamination during the production and processing of pharmaceutical products. Double Cartridge Seal Bottom Entry Double cartridge mechanical seal for Bottom-entry equipments. Rigid bearing to absorb shaft run-out. Deflector to channelize barrier liquid to seal area.Thermosiphon for barrier liquid circulation.

Double Cartridge Seal Bottom Entry

A double cartridge seal used as a pharma machine seal is a specialized mechanical seal configuration designed for pharmaceutical machinery and equipment. It is a type of double mechanical seal that provides enhanced sealing performance and safety in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

TYPE 951

Materials of Construction
Operating Parameters

Double Cartridge Seal

Double Cartridge Mechanical Seal for Axial Flow Pumps.

TYPE 821

Materials of Construction
Operating Parameters

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