Special Seals For Special Needs

Seal Support System



Thermo-Siphon System for barrier-liquid Circulation.
Avaiable with cooling coil, Hand pump level indicator, Pressure Gauges and accessories.
Provision for-Nitrogen port for back-up pressure.

Materials of Construction
Operating Parameters

Standard Stationary Seats

Different types of Stationary Seat-designs in different Materials of construction are available
for use with various Pusher types Single and Double Seal Rotary assemblies.


Seal Flushing Plans

For optimum performance of Mechanical Seals, additional Systems and accessories supplied
along with the Mechanical Seals play a very important role.
Seal Flushing Plans in accordance with guidelines established by API 682, offered with Mechanical Seals,
supply sufficient lubricant at appropriate temperature and maintain clean environment in the seal-chamber.
API flushing plans improve Seal Performance and ensure Equipment reliability and safety.
API flushing plans can be customized to customer-needs.


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