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Pump Seals

A pump seal, also known as a mechanical seal, is a device used to prevent the leakage of fluid from a pump along the rotating shaft. It is commonly used in various types of pumps, including centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps. The primary purpose of a pump seal is to create a barrier between the fluid being pumped and the external environment. This helps to maintain the efficiency and reliability of the pump by preventing leaks and minimizing the risk of contamination or damage to the surrounding equipment.

We offer competitive pricing and unique product range with high quality standards which is an added advantage while dealing with us. Our products are manufactured under strict quality control procedures in our dedicated production facilities ensuring that they are defect free before they reach you. Every step of the manufacturing process is monitored by our Quality Control Department so that no errors take place during production process.

Single-Spring Seal

A single spring pump seal is a type of mechanical seal commonly used in centrifugal pumps to prevent leakage of fluids along the pump shaft. It consists of a single coil spring that applies pressure to the seal faces, creating a seal between the rotating shaft and the stationary pump housing. Here are some key aspects of single spring pump seals:

TYPE 145 & 147

Materials of Construction

Operating Parameters

TYPE 545 & 548

Materials of Construction

Operating Parameters

TYPE 345

Materials of Construction
Operating Parameters

Multi Spring Seal

A multi-spring pump seal, also known as a multiple spring pump seal, is a type of mechanical seal commonly used in centrifugal pumps and other rotating equipment. It incorporates multiple coil springs to provide sealing pressure and maintain contact between the seal faces.

When selecting a multi-spring pump seal, it is crucial to consider factors such as the fluid being pumped, operating conditions (temperature, pressure, and speed), and compatibility with the pump design. It's recommended to consult with the manufacturer or supplier to ensure proper seal selection and optimal performance in your specific application.

TYPE 135 & 137

Materials of Construction

Operating Parameters

rubber Bellow Seal

Omega Seals has made a well-recognized name as a Manufacturer of Mechanical seals, Pump seals, Aligator seals, Rubber Bellow Seals, and much more. We are creating a long list of customers. We provide high-quality rubber bellow pump seal products. We are a trusted company for rubber bellow pump seals. A rubber bellow pump seal, also known as a rubber bellows mechanical seal, is a type of mechanical seal used in pumps to prevent fluid leakage along the shaft. Our range of all products is widely appreciated by our clients. We have experienced professionals that are capable of designing reliable and best products with prolonging working life.

TYPE 441 & 443

Materials of Construction
Operating Parameters

teflon Bellow Seal

We are a professional Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Teflon Bellow Mechanical Seal located in Mumbai, India. Teflon Bellow Seal is designed to handle highly corrosive chemicals, such as concentrated acids, caustic, strong oxidizing and reducing agents, and chemically active organic components. All elastomers have both an upper and lower temperature limit that prevents them from sealing many hot resins, polymers, and cryogenic applications. Hot oils are another high-temperature sealing problem. The Teflon Bellow Pump Seal is a unique composite material made from special synthetic rubber (EPDM) with a flame-retardant compound added. The flame retardant is an elastomeric polymer known as Perfluoro-Poly(Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) (PFPE). This additive makes the seal more resistant to chemical attack and less susceptible to heat.

This Teflon Bellow Pump seal is used in applications where it would be desirable to have a non-flammable seal that has good resistance to hot gases or liquids and can be used in areas where there is a risk of fire due to its use in equipment such as incinerators or boilers.

TYPE 430 & 431

Materials of Construction

Operating Parameters

Metal Bellow Seal

find here Metal Bellow Pump Seals Manufacturers in India. We Omega Seals is a well- known company for Metal Bellow Seals supplier located in Mumbai, India offers the Best Metal Bellow Pump Seals. We are specially designed for cryogenic temperatures and high temperatures.

We provide Premium Quality Metal Bellow Pump Seal. We have developed a wide range of high-quality metal bellows Pump seals to fulfil the requirement of customers. High- temperature Metal Bellows Pump seal is used for high-temperature applications such as refineries, Petrochemical Industries.

TYPE 601

Materials of Construction
Operating Parameters
-20 to 200 ℃
(270 ℃ with FFKM Seals)

TYPE 602

Materials of Construction
Operating Parameters
-20 to 350 ℃

Double Back to Back Seal

A double back-to-back pump seal, also known as a double cartridge seal, is a configuration of mechanical seals used in pumps to provide an additional layer of sealing protection. It consists of two sets of seals arranged in a back-to-back configuration. Proper installation, monitoring, and regular maintenance are crucial for the optimal performance of double back-to-back pump seals. A double cartridge type mechanical seal is a pre-assembled package of seal components. The double back-to-back pump seal uses two mechanical seals (an inboard and an outboard seal). They can be installed back to back, front to back, or front to front depending on the application. Double seals are used when leakage of pumped fluid into the atmosphere is not allowed.

TYPE 801

Materials of Construction
Operating Parameters

Double Cartridge Seal

Double Cartridge Pump Seals" are self-cartridge units consisting of a shaft, sleeve, seal, and gland plate. we provide the best quality Double Mechanical Cartridge Seal that is extensively used to seal a high-pressure fluid and in many other suitable applications. Our product line includes Component Mechanical Seal, Bellow Mechanical Seal, and Double Cartridge Mechanical Seal. Owing to the qualitative fabrication, our range is widely known among clients for its attributes such as dimensional accuracy, robustness, high tolerance capacity, leakage proofing, and longer shelf life. We serve in various process industries including refineries, petrochemicals, food processing, beverage industries, paint industries & pharmaceuticals. Our products with high technology and excellent quality are in all over India with prompt services. We have partnered with the industry's best vendors, to obtain the machinery used in our production units.

We are engaged in manufacturing component mechanical seals for many applications like valve seals for steam turbines and compressor seals for air conditioners etc. Our wide distribution network across India has enabled us to establish ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of component mechanical seals in India

TYPE 811

Materials of Construction
Operating Parameters

Wave-spring, Unbalanced

A wave-spring unbalanced pump seal is a type of mechanical seal used in pumps to prevent fluid leakage along the shaft. It incorporates a wave spring as a sealing element and is classified as an unbalanced seal due to the design of the seal faces. Mechanical seals are used in many applications, such as pumps and agitators. The “stationary" part of the seal is usually located at the housing. The “rotating" part is fixed on the shaft. Wave-spring unbalanced pump seals are designed to improve mechanical seal design by providing a more balanced and symmetrical load distribution between the two ends of the seal. The wave spring allows for accurate positioning of the seal with respect to its housing, which can significantly improve sealing performance.

TYPE 155

Materials of Construction
Operating Parameters

high Pressure Seal

Omega Seals is the top Manufacturer, supplier & exporter of High-Pressure Pump Seal in Mumbai, India. High-Pressure Pump Seal is designed specifically for the most required high and low-temperature services as well as being convenient for most running applications in a wide range of media. It is a unique design for easy to install. Hydraulically balanced for reduced seal face loading which maximizes seal life and allows for vacuum service capability. The Bellows are precision manufactured and are subject to the very highest levels of quality control to ensure consistent and reliable operating performance.

High-Pressure Mechanical Seal has become an industry standard in applications where there are higher demands on pressure ratings, such as in power transmission systems, pumps, and actuators where the seal interface with liquids or gases under pressure needs to be rated at 300 bar or higher.

TYPE 135B & 137B

Materials of Construction

Operating Parameters


Materials of Construction
Operating Parameters

Floating-seat, Balanced

A floating-seat, balanced pump seal is a type of mechanical seal used in pumps to prevent fluid leakage along the shaft. It incorporates a floating-seat design and is classified as a balanced seal due to its symmetrical construction. Here are some key aspects of a floating-seat, balanced pump seal:

1. Floating-Seat Design: The floating-seat feature allows the seal face on the rotating shaft to move both axially and radially within the seal housing or gland. This movement provides self-alignment and compensation for any misalignment or axial/radial movement of the pump shaft, ensuring optimal sealing performance.

2. Symmetrical and Balanced Construction: In a balanced pump seal, the seal faces have equal areas and geometry, resulting in a balanced distribution of forces across the seal faces. This balance helps to generate additional sealing force, improving the seal's ability to maintain a tight seal even at higher pressures.

3. Axial and Radial Movement Compensation: The floating-seat design enables the seal faces to move axially and radially, accommodating variations in shaft movement, thermal expansion, and equipment vibrations. This flexibility helps the seal maintain consistent contact and sealing integrity under changing operating conditions.

4. Ease of Installation and Maintenance: Floating-seat, balanced pump seals are typically easy to install and maintain. Their design allows for straightforward replacement without requiring complex adjustments or disassembly of the pump.

5. Cost-Effective Solution: While floating-seat, balanced pump seals may be slightly more complex than some other seal designs, they provide reliable sealing performance and extended lifespan, making them a cost-effective choice for demanding pump applications.

6. As with any mechanical seal, it's essential to consider the specific requirements of your pump application and consult with the manufacturer or supplier to ensure proper seal selection. They can provide guidance on the suitability of floating-seat, balanced seals for your specific operating conditions and help optimize the performance and longe

TYPE 160

Materials of Construction
Operating Parameters

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